US Senate approves NATO expansion

Senators shot down an amendment seeking to clarify that NATO does not trump congressional war powers

The US Senate has voted overwhelmingly to ratify Sweden and Finland’s membership in the NATO alliance, another step toward expanding the US-led military bloc after its 30 members formally committed to the move. 

Lawmakers approved the measure 95-1 on Wednesday, in what President Joe Biden called a “historic vote” which “sends an important signal of the sustained, bipartisan US commitment to NATO.” 

“The United States remains committed to the security of Sweden and Finland. We will continue working to remain vigilant against any threats to our shared security,” the president added, vowing to sign the accession protocols to formally approve the two countries’ membership.

Missouri Republican Josh Hawley was the sole senator to vote against ratification, arguing that “sending more forces and resources to Europe to defend new allies”


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