Corey Feldman enjoyed 3,000 Playboy Mansion visits after selfless act with girls

At its height, the Playboy Mansion was one of the most mysterious and sought-after places in the world, the home of the rich, famous and attractive and somewhere most people can barely imagine.

Which is why it’s so fascinating when you’re given a glimpse inside the 80s-styled walls of the late Hugh Hefner’s home.

And two Hollywood stars did just that when cult actor Corey Feldman and Jackass’s Steve-O appeared on the latter’s YouTube channel Wild Ride! to discuss their experiences of the LA mansion.

The two men revealed how they had met each other for the first time at the Playboy mansion in around 2002.

In the video Steve-O recalls being thrown out of the Playboy Mansion for drug use, while Feldman also revealed Hugh Hefner’s own approach to narcotics.

He said: “I didn’t go many times and I got kicked out. I forget why I got kicked out.

“I think I was doing cocaine really blatantly out in the open.”v


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