Kenya hopes for election free of violence as contest enters final stages

Millions of Kenyans will be voting for their next president this Tuesday.

It’s a close race, with former prime minister Raila Odinga only six points ahead of deputy president William Ruto in the latest polls.

Fears are mounting that a contested outcome could trigger post-election violence amongst die-hard supporters of the two candidates.

Mr Odinga will be running for president for his fifth time on an anti-corruption and universal healthcare platform.

His opponent Mr Ruto is leaning into his self-made background and positioning himself as a voice for the “hustlers” – promising to tackle Kenya’s staggering 40% youth unemployment.

His source of wealth and mild stance on corruption has been a point of criticism.

Mr Odinga’s 77 years of age and elite background as the son of Kenya’s first vice president Jaramogi Odinga has been deemed by opponents as detached from the reality of everyday Kenyans – a reality that is steadily worsening as the cost of living crisis…


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