'We are heading to battle': Jihadi groups declare war on Israel after wave of airstrikes in Gaza

A wave of Israeli air strikes killed at least fifteen people and wounded 40 more on Friday, according to Palestinian officials, prompting a Islamic militant group to warn Israel has ‘started a war’.

Initial reports said one of the fatalities was that of a senior Islamic militant, while another had been a five-year-old girl.

Israel said it was targeting the Islamic Jihad group amid days of heightened tensions following the arrest of a senior militant in the occupied West Bank this week, with an Israeli army spokesperson saying after the strikes: ‘We haven’t finished yet’.

In response to the strikes, the Islamic Jihad group’s leader Ziad al-Nakhalah said: ‘We are heading to battle, and there is no truce after this airstrike. 

‘The results of this war will be in favour of the Palestinian people. The enemy should expect a battle, not a truce.’ 

He said Tel Aviv will be ‘one of the targets of the resistance’s missiles, and the coming hours will prove to the enemy that all the forces…


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