Marijuana will solve Kenya’s problems, says prezy candidate Wajackoyah

Marijuana will solve Kenya’s problems, says prezy candidate Wajackoyah

Kenyan presidential candidate George Wajackoyah is convinced he has the right medicine for the ills troubling Kenya’s voters: a dose of marijuana and some hyena testicles.

East Africa’s wealthiest country is holding elections on Aug. 9.

A tight race between the two leading presidential candidates – veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto – has thrust a spotlight on Wajackoyah’s small but committed band of followers, who could force a run-off if neither side gets more than 50% of the vote.

Voter registration among young people has fallen sharply, with many saying conventional politicians have failed to tackle rampant corruption, runaway inflation or joblessness.

Wajackoyah’s bid for the presidency has caught the imagination of younger voters.

The grave-digger-turned-adjunct-law-professor is trailing a distant third in the polls at around 2% but he could tip the balance if he endorses one candidate, or takes enough votes from another.

His no-frills campaign promises to wipe out Kenya’s debt of roughly $70 billion by establishing a medical cannabis industry and exporting animal parts to China, including hyena testicles, which Wajackoyah says the Chinese consider a delicacy.

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