Clever A-level students say they plan to work at EDF and Rolls Royce over going to top universities

Top students are choosing paid apprenticeships with big firms over the top universities as they do not want to face huge student debt. 

Companies like EDF, Jaguar Land Rover and Rolls Royce are outbidding the Russell Group universities for youngsters expected to achieve top A-level grades who want financial independence and a job straight away. 

It seems no wonder that many students will go for this option over being landed with an average debt of £45,000 (£9,000 per year) when leaving university. 

Firms often provide on the job learning, pay for university, a salary of up to £26,000 per year and a firm job off when they finish the apprenticeship. 

While nearly six in ten recent graduates in work are not well-paid enough to start repaying their loans, according to Student Loans Company data. 

In light of the situation, 18-year-old Hollie Mountain, who is predicted straight As in her A Levels, has thrown out university at Imperial College, London in favour of a Lab Science…


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