Embarrassed bloke gets sex toy stuck on manhood – and has it removed by firemen

A man had himself an embarrassing encounter with firemen after members of the emergency service had to cut a titanium ring off of his penis.

The 55-year-old bloke put the makeshift toy on his manhood and spent four weeks with the ring stuck to him.

Medical officials that were sought out by the man were unable to help relieve his makeshift ring troubles, so the man from Sukabumi, West Java, headed home and left the ring stuck on himself.

Firemen eventually had to intervene, with the emergency services called to the man’s home to deal with the immense pain the ring was causing to his genitals.

The unbearable pain and makeshift ring had baffled firemen, who were confused when asked if they could remove the accessory from the bloke’s manhood.


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