Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Religion not criteria for performance, Maharaj ji tells Nigerians

Founder of One Love Family Satguru Maharaj ji has urged those criticising the Muslim -Muslim ticket of the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate and his vice to desist from it, saying religion is not the requirement for performance in office.

Maharaj ji who was celebrating the 29th year that he declared that there will be no war in Nigeria said most of the problems confronting the country as a nation are caused by Nigerian leaders.

He said Nigerians have every cause to be anxious in the face of incessant crimes, urging Nigerians not to lose hope in the country despite the challenges facing it.

Maharaj ji said Nigeria should have developed more than the level it is right now, but her leaders have retarded its progress.

“Definitely, something is wrong with Nigeria. We have all it takes to make a great, prosperous, technologically advanced nation, still we are reputed for backwardness,” he said.

Maharaj ji said those criticising the Muslim-Muslim ticket of…


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