Mystery marks on Kim's head ‘reveal scale of North Korean tyrant's health woes’

Weird marks on Kim Jong-un’s head could mean that he’s agony and is having injections to hide his pain from the public.

The North Korean dictator was recently seen in propaganda footage with a large black mark on the back of his head.

It was the latest in a series of occasions when the tyrant – who has been cutting back on public appearances – has been spotted with the strange marks.

He was seen with a similar mark in a slightly different place a couple of months ago, when it was visible in the mirror behind him during a meeting with his inner circle.

There were marks visible behind his ears in April, when he joined the Army’s 90th anniversary bash.

And last summer, the bully was seen with a flesh-coloured bandage on the back of his head during a speech.

It’s all led to speculation that he has pain so severe that he needs injections to keep up his strongman act.


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