Insecurity: At least 465 people killed, 355 kidnapped across Nigeria in June – CSO

At least 465 people were killed and 355 others abducted across Nigeria in June, a new report by a civil society organisation, Connected Development (CODE), has revealed.

The report, “Inclusion and accountability for improved public governance”, was released on Wednesday in Abuja and focused on the country’s recent security incidents.

While presenting the report, the chief of research and policy at CODE, Ani Nwachukwu, said 2,000 people – mostly from rural communities – were displaced and 120 people had injuries of varied severity.

“We are asking the question, what is needed; more funds or accountability for safer communities? In June alone, a total of 465 persons lost their lives mainly to violent attacks; 355 persons were kidnapped and 120 persons sustained varying degrees of injuries,” Mr Nwachukwu said.

“About 2,000 persons suffered displacement from their homes.

“Over the years, Nigeria has increased military spending or defence budget to enhance its…


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