Inside Darius' apartment as mystery deepens over why he was in Minnesota

Darius Campbell Danesh ‘s sudden death aged 41 shocked the world.

As further details emerged of the singer’s lavish US lifestyle, fans were left asking why the Pop Idol singer was found dead in a quiet southern Minnesota city, famed for its hospital treatment, and not LA where he was living just months earlier.

As mystery deepens over the Colourblind singer’s death, fans discovered his Rochester apartment block was directly across from St Mary’s May Clinic Hospital – a care facility specialising in cancer, cardiology and heart surgery.

The clinic also attracts the best doctors in the world, who are known to treat complex, rare and undiagnosed health issues.

The Berkman apartments offer both short-term and longterm stays as they function as both a hotel and residence. They a range of apartments from one bed and one bath residences to three bed and three bath flats.

In fact, the block is known to house outpatients and family members of patients of the hospital which offers treatment for epilepsy, neurosurgery and a rehabilitation unit.

The non-profit hospital is ranked the best hospital in the US and is consistently rated among the top five medical facilities in the world.


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