2023: CDD warns rising insecurity, religion could threaten credible polls

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) has warned that Nigeria’s security challenges, religion and tribalism, if not checked, could threaten a credible election in 2023.

Idayat Hassan, CDD’s director, said this in a report titled ‘Nigeria’s presidential polls: A SWOT Analysis’ on Wednesday in Abuja.

“CDD warns that rising insecurity, misinformation, money politics, religion and ethnic narratives may undermine the credibility of the 2023 election if not properly addressed.

“Holding credible polls in this context that guarantees the security of voters and INEC personnel will be a major challenge,” she said.

According to Ms Hassan, the 2023 general election is a significant logistical operation, and there will be significant logistic challenges reaching the 176,846 polling units with election material.

She said for such a far-reaching level of deployment to be successful, it would require the recruitment and training of close to…


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