Push for solar energy as electricity tariffs soar high

The Nation 

Incessant power failures and unabated rise in the cost of electricity giving rise to business closures, high cost of end products, and gradually crippling the economy, has inevitably opened the doorway to solar energy companies in Africa and inadvertently Nigeria.

In the last 10 years, as our electricity supply kept getting worse, many solar energy companies have berthed in Nigeria with many people becoming emergency electricity importers as consumers and business owners seek for a more reliable power supply to avert poverty.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo the Vice President aptly captured the challenge when he said that a great part of our poverty in Nigeria is as a result of lack of access to energy. He said this in his keynote address during the corporate launch of D.light solar energy Nigeria in Lagos recently.

Speaking virtually, the Vice President noted that while the world has experienced several global crises throughout history, “our generation is confronted with perhaps its worst crises yet-climate change, but for developing countries, it is a twin problem; the climate crises and poverty crisis, an important cause and consequence of the poverty crisis is energy poverty or lack of access to energy for millions.”

In addressing this issue, the VP said the Federal Government developed a robust renewable energy programme, the Nigeria Electrification Project, a world bank and Africa Development Bank[ADB] funded program implemented by the Rural Electrification Agency[REA]…


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