Searches on Google Reveal Nigerians Are Feeling Uncertain

By Prince Charles Dickson PhD

A leaky roof tricks the sun but does not deceive the rain. Running in the rain, falling in the river, nations that lie to themselves live with flesh but are skeletons—AbdulChukwudi Balogun

I centre my admonishment for this week around the National Day Rally Speech of the state of Singapore.

It was a lengthy rallying speech that touched on several facets of their national life by their 70-year-old leader. It is pertinent to note that the speech occurred at the Institute of Technical Education ITE. (kontri wey sabi) I wait for that day, a Nigerian leader will take education as the belt of policy drive in the land of many doctorate degree holders yet millions of out-of-school children and labour issues that last months between teachers and government while universities are shut.

The Prime Minister spoke in Malay and Chinese, followed by English (that was diversity in action, but here we are still dancing our ethnocentric parapoism and…


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