Atiku failed to honour promise made to Wike at London meeting

Atiku failed to honour promise made to Wike at London meeting…

Via Punch:

…A top chieftain of the PDP, who was also present at the Wednesday meeting in Port Harcourt, alleged that the party’s presidential candidate failed to honour the promise he made to Wike and other aggrieved governors during their meeting in London recently.

Asked if he knew the decision taken by the aggrieved southern bloc of the PDP could mar the party’s chances in the 2023 presidential poll, the chieftain said, “Does the candidate himself show the willingness to win? Can you unify Nigeria without unifying the platform you want to use to unify Nigeria? Can you go to war with a divided house? The onus is on him. When they met in London, what did they agree on? And when he came back to the people, he decided to say he has constraints. Was it appropriate for his response to be heard through the media? Was it through the media that they conveyed their proposal to him?

He added, “I agree with him that, yes, he thinks it is time for Ayu to go. He wanted to find out the means and methods of implementing it immediately so that they can move ahead, but regrettably, he did not. As usual, he was with some party leaders in London, and then when he consulted the presidential council, he didn’t invite them to discuss the composition. This showed a total lack of respect for the group. So, the group said, okay, Ayu has lost the right to be an umpire. Therefore, it has nothing to do with making Wike the vice president or not making him vice president, even though he (Atiku) was the one who promised with his mouth to make him.”

The chieftain noted the southern bloc group would remain in the party to campaign for their governorship and National Assembly candidates.

“We are not leaving the party. We are committed PDP members and we will campaign for our party in the states of our various candidates. We will allow them to do their own presidential campaign councils and use their own platform to do their overall campaign and we will help them to use their political sagacity,” he added.

On his part, the media adviser to the former vice president, Paul Ibe said, “When your principal speaks, it is final but I will like to state here that there was no reason for them to do a volte-face.

Their decision is not in the national interest.”


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