UK Newspaper Covers: 22 September 2022

UK Newspaper Covers: 22 September 2022

The Times

The Times leads with the US president’s condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat.

The Sun

The Sun says there is good news and “Vlad news” from the war in Ukraine, with British prisoners of war being released but Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons.

Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror leads with a record reward being offered for finding the killer of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt-Korbel.

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph has Liz Truss vowing that ‘desperate’ Vladimir Putin will be defeated.

The Guardian

The Guardian has world reaction to Vladimir Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail leads with Liz Truss’s defiant response to Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat.

Daily Express

The Daily Express leads with the health secretary’s push to improve access to GP services.

Daily Star

The Daily Star has calls for Prince Phillip’s “UFO dossier” to be made public.


The i leads with a warning over Liz Truss’s tax cuts gamble.

Financial Times

The Financial Times leads with news of the Russian president’s nuclear threat over the conflict in Ukraine.


More than 1,300 Russians have been arrested in anti-war protests after Vladimir Putin announced reservists would be sent to fight in Ukraine.


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