EU charger mandate forces Apple redesign

The European Parliament has passed a law requiring electronics to use the USB-C port for charging

Tech giant Apple will be forced to redesign its iPhone to comply with new EU standards passed by the European Parliament on Tuesday. The regulation, approved by a sizable majority of MPs, will require all electronics sold in the bloc’s 27 countries to use standard USB-C charging ports.

The rule comes into force in autumn 2024 for phones and 12 other categories of devices and laptops in 2026.

Apple’s popular smartphones currently use the company’s proprietary Lightning connector, though newer models can also charge wirelessly using special charging mats. While the company has been rumored for years to be mulling a fully ‘portless’ device which would use the mats exclusively, it is reportedly working on a USB-C compatible model first.

Europeans will not have to throw away their old phones and laptops — only new devices will be required to carry the…


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