Power of One: A BuyBack to resolve Nigeria’s Economy Problem.

Nigeria has the fastest-growing economy in Africa and has in recent years made some progress in her socio-economic and political life.

• According to the World Bank Nigeria has the World’s 26th-largest Economy

•Nigeria is the 14th largest producer of Oil according to the US Energy Information Administration.

•Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, is a thriving ‘world city’, with a strong financial and economic base.

• Nigeria has the second-largest film industry in the world.

Talking about the economic development of a country and its image, one of its best practices is, of course, Nation Branding. A new lead in Nigeria that has embarked on a nation branding process is Jonah Ubanmhen.

Jonah is a gifted brand builder. He has a compelling story, understands the power of brands, and appreciates the importance of symbolic visibility

 Nigeria needs a leader like Jonah because its brand is troubled.

People are quick to group Nigeria with other…


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