Man downed 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes – and his pancreas 'ate itself'

A gamer almost died after downing 12 cans of energy drinks in ten minutes to impress colleagues.

The 36-year-old’s pancreas had begun “digesting itself” due to the high level of sugar, caffeine and chemicals in the drinks.

A doctor who shares stories of patients he and his colleagues via a YouTube video told viewers about ‘JS’, a lifelong gamer who had always struggled to make friends, the Daily Star reports.

According to Dr Bernard Hsu, the clinical pharmacist behind the ‘ ChubbyEmu ‘ channel, JS was at work and attempted a ‘legendary’ dare of downing 12 energy drinks to impress his colleagues.

Dr Hsu said: “Immediately after chugging all 12 energy drinks, JS didn’t feel well,” adding, “to take his mind off everything, he started playing games.”

JS started experiencing heart flutters but wrote these off as caffeine-induced, but he developed back pain, so had a shot of alcohol. JS then threw up in the kitchen sink and began feeling even worse.


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