Guaranteed income for trans people as weird as you think

Victory Girls Blog

San Francisco has a new grift, offering Guaranteed Income for Trans People, and it’s as weird as you think it would be.

One might think that a city awash in human feces and needles, with homeless encampments blocking all of the best places, there might be other priorities. One would be galactically wrong. This will be the third guaranteed income pilot program for the City by the Bay. The other two are: The Abundant Birth Project for Black and Pacific Islander Birthing Persons, and the Guaranteed Income Pilot for Artists. …

You could receive a $1200.00/month cash card for up to 18 months, along with financial coaching, medical and mental healthcare, and case management. Sadly, only 55 people will get this great grift in this pilot program. Pity.

One might also think that San Francisco would be Nirvana for Persons of the Trans Persuasion, but again, one would be wrong. Again, from the city government website…


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