Disappointed Nigerians say new naira notes printed with “Snapchat filters”

Disappointed Nigerians say new naira notes printed with “Snapchat filters”

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Nigerians have expressed disappointment about the look of the newly redesigned naira notes which were unveiled earlier today by President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Across social media, the general feedback shows that many people are underwhelmed as the new banknotes fell below their expectations.

Many of the people who have criticised the newly unveiled banknotes were particularly critical of the colours. They pointed out that the banknotes look like they were printed with Snapchat filters.

What’s the relevance? Some Nigerians on Twitter even described the new banknotes as poor quality, attributing the poor designs as proof of the naira’s depreciation. Others questioned the relevance of the redesign, considering how much the CBN must have spent on the project.

One Twitter user identified as Seun Bamidele called the new banknotes “photoshop” and questioned how much was spent for such a shabby job. He said:

By the way, how much was spent on this supposed Naira redesign? Let’s ask questions! Because this is a Photoshop exposure, contrast, and warmth editing and export that takes less than a minute!”




Another Twitter user identified as Olaudah Equiano had many questions about the newly redesigned naira notes. He said:

What is the purpose of this change of color of our currency? What does it set out to achieve? As a student of economics, I’ve pondered over this with no avail. Are there any expert views on this? Is it an economic or political decision or both? What is the new Naira all about?”



Mma said s/he doesn’t understand the redesign. They wondered whether the CBN even understood what it meant to redesign banknotes.

  • “Is either this government doesn’t know the difference between re-design and color changing or maybe they had printing error. Cos I don’t understand… What’s this??? The Naira notes can be like those olden days Notes. We go from full color to one (+black) color design,”the Twitter user said.


Colours and hues: Sir P called the new redesigned banknotes the worst he has ever seen in the history of the Nigerian currency, He said:

  • “This is the worst design ever in the history of Nigeria currency…How can u change the bright colors to dull ones? All my thought was that the notes will be redesigned entirely not knowing that we are going to see color changes.”



Another Twitter user added “they just reduce the exposure and add small contrast, saturation, and vibrancy.. lastly the WARMTH is little high New Naira chaii.” 



In case you missed it: The CBN said it has so far received a total of N165 billion since it announced plans to introduce new naira notes and asked Nigerians to deposit all old notes in circulation. According to the apex bank, the amount is far below how much it was expecting to receive. The bank added that it will not extend the earlier deadline it gave Nigerians to deposit their N200, N500 and N1000 notes.


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