REVEALED: 1 in 2 Google Chrome extensions can harm you

Half the available Google Chrome extensions are capable of harming their users, Incogni, a data protection company in Netherlands, has revealed.

Its research, made available to FIJ on Wednesday, showed that after reviewing 1,237 extensions, 602 (48.66 percent) of them had a high or very high risk impact.

It also revealed that 334 (27 percent) of the sampled extensions collect users’ data. Amongst its findings was that extensions in the ‘Shopping’ category were the most potentially harmful, while those used for writing collect the most data.

The company said, “The safest extensions have a low Risk Impact and low Risk Likelihood, while the most dangerous score highly on both measures. The vast majority fall somewhere in between these extremes and it’s up to the user to decide if they’re comfortable installing a given extension.


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