Sex with uncircumcised men raises HPV risk – Consultant

Sex with uncircumcised men raises HPV risk – Consultant

A consultant gynaecologist, Dr. Stanley Egbogu, has cautioned women against having unprotected sexual intercourse with uncircumcised men, noting that it increases their risk of contracting the human papilloma virus.

According to the consultant gynaecologist, uncircumcised men are noted to be carriers of HPV.

The admonition of the gynaecologist is also supported by a study conducted by the National Centre for Biotechnology which found that uncircumcised men have an increased risk of HPV infection, including oncogenic HPV because of its proximity to the foreskin, which may be particularly vulnerable to infection.

The study suggested that the increased risk of multiple HPV infections among uncircumcised men may simply reflect “an enhanced vulnerability of the foreskin to multiple episodes of infection by different HPV types over time.”


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