Assassination Attempt? Man Caught With Dagger At Peter Obi’s Rally In Oyo (Video)

Assassination attempt? Man caught with dagger at Peter Obi’s rally in Oyo (Video)

Naija News 

There was a commotion on Wednesday afternoon during the Labour Party (LP) campaign in Oyo state, after an unidentified man was caught with a dagger at the event.

Naija News reports that photos and video of the suspect were shared on Twitter with many people questioning his mission at the campaign ground.

The man was dressed in a black suit and reportedly stood by the walkway where the LP flagbearer, Peter Obi was meant to pass on his arrival at the venue of the rally.

There are unverified claims on social media that the man may have been at the rally to attack Peter Obi, with many netizens calling on the Labour Party presidential candidate to beef up his security.

Some of the party members could also be seen attempting to beat the suspect before he was dragged out of the scene.

Watch the video below:



This Article Originally Appeared in Naija News


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