Ex-players who were nothing, who were S**T… talk about Cristiano Ronaldo as if they were something…

The Sun

And Coentrao, who played alongside Ronaldo at club and international level, reckons the criticism is wrong.

He told Record PT: “I don’t feel motivated to talk but I had to because I don’t like to hear what they say about Cristiano.

“There are ex-players who were nothing, they were s**t, and they talk about Cristiano as if they were something [in football].

“They don’t have to talk like that. Even if he’s not performing at his level, it’s pretty ugly.

“People start talking about him, saying he gets along badly with his team-mates and things get misinterpreted. 

“It’s a horrible thing, I know how he is. I lived with him for many years and he doesn’t have to tell me how things are: I know. 


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