Otter accurately predicted Japan would beat Germany at their World Cup opener in Qatar

Japan psychic Otter accurately predicted Japan would beat Germany at World Cup


Football predictions can be eerily accurate at times, right? And in this case, it was not a fan or a pundit or a player but an otter, who made the right prediction when it picked Japan to beat Germany in their FIFA World Cup 2022 encounter! Japan rode on two second-half goals to defeat Germany after being 0-1 down at the break. After the win, it was reported that an otter, named ‘Taiyo’ had actually predicted the Asian side to defeat the former champions. Three small buckets (two of which included the flags of Japan and Germany and one written, ‘draw’ on it) were kept in front of the small-clawed otter and it was to put a ball into one of them. The little animal then put the ball into the bucket that had Japan’s flag on it. And it did turn out to be true with Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano helping the Japanese script a memorable victory for themselves in the competition.

Otter ‘Taiyo’ Predicts Winner of Japan vs Germany Clash:



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