Late gospel singer, Osinachi’s husband prevented us from taking care of her, used security guards to drive me out of hospital, brother testifies

  Godwin Madu, brother of the late gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, has told a Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja that Osinachi’s husband, Peter did not only brutalise and subject the gospel singer to perpetual fear but also abused her mother, himself (Godwin) and Osinachi’s twin sister. Godwin, who was led in evidence by the prosecution counsel, Aderonke Imana, told the court how Nwachukwu constantly abused Osinachi verbally and physically.

According to Godwin, Peter also verbally abused Osinachi’s mother, called her a witch and sent her out of his house when she was ill.

Godwin also accused Peter of preventing Osinachi’s mother, twin sister and others from seeing or taking care of her when she was ill and in the hospital.

He said Osinachi constantly lived in fear of her husband. According to a Vanguard report, Godwin said, “Whenever we called Osinachi to hear from her, she answered with fear.

“In 2019 August, my mum was sick, Osinachi begged Peter for my mum to come over, but he refused. Then Osinachi went to Pastor Enenche’s wife, Becky, of Dunamis Church, to prevail on Peter to allow Osinachi’s mum to come down to Abuja for treatment.

“So, Becky met with Peter and begged him, before he accepted. Then when she came down to Abuja. The first day Peter sent his son, Ebube, to go get water for him with a cup. When he went to get the water, as a child, the water spilt from the cup. Peter beat Ebube mercilessly, just because the boy made a very little mistake.


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