UK NEWSPAPER COVERS: 24 November 2022

UK NEWSPAPER COVERS: 24 November 2022


The prime minister is “struggling to placate restless MPs”, says the i, while Downing Street officials have also reportedly admitted they need to come up with some new policies.

Daily Star

Germany’s World Cup loss to Japan provides a chance for the Daily Star to poke fun at England’s old foe.

Daily Express

The Express reports that the first drug proven to slow Alzheimer’s disease could be available in the UK next year.

Daily Mirror

Around 70,000 people may have fallen victim to the biggest-ever phone fraud, the Daily Mirror says.

The Times

The Times says Britons will be told how to reduce their energy bills in a £25m public information campaign.

The Sun

TV presenter Jonnie Irwin has accused the bosses of A Place In The Sun of dumping him after he told them he was dying of cancer, according to The Sun.

The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her children secretly received £29m from the profits of a PPE business awarded large government contracts after she recommended it to ministers.

The Daily Telegraph

GPs who fail to see patients face-to-face will be named and shamed for the first time, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail says drivers are being hit with a record 30,000 parking tickets a day.


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon cannot hold a new independence referendum without the government’s permission, the Supreme Court has ruled, Metro reports.

Financial Times

The EU is demanding a share of the €115trn (£99trn) derivatives market processed through the City of London, according to the Financial Times.


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