We're parents of UK's smartest toddler – he taught HIMSELF to read & has 139 IQ

We're parents of UK's smartest toddler – he taught HIMSELF to read & has 139 IQ


BRITAIN’S smartest toddler taught HIMSELF to read at the age of two and has an IQ of 139.

Teddy Hobbs, now aged four, became the country’s youngest Mensa member as a toddler with abilities like being able to count to 100 in six other languages.

The exclusive organisation for the intellectual ‘elite’ welcomed the youngster when he was just three years and nine months old.

Mensa is an international group for high-IQ individuals founded in 1947 that only accepts members who are above the 98th percentile of IQs worldwide.

He scored 139 out of 160 on the Stanford Binet test and shocking his parents, who had no idea quite how smart he was.

The child genius was born through IVF to proud parents Beth and Will Hobbs, from Portishead, Somerset, who only got their son assessed ahead of him starting school.

Beth, 31, said: “We did an IQ test, where we basically told him he was going to sit and do some puzzles with a lady for an hour, and he thought it was the most wonderful thing.

“After he completed it we were told he was eligible by Mensa’s child advisor, so we thought he may as well join.

“We were a bit like ‘pardon?’. We knew he could do things his peers couldn’t, but I don’t think we realised quite how good he was.”

Teddy is now capable of even reading Harry Potter books, when his parents allow him.

He even likes to relax – with a word search.

Beth says that Teddy’s genius comes as a blessing and a curse though, with him showing little interest in some of the more ‘normal’ things a young boy may enjoy like games and TV.

She said: “It comes with it’s challenges, my friends can say ‘oh should we have some c-a-k-e’ and their kids will not know what they’re saying, but Teddy will immediately spell it out and want some.


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