Court dismisses suit seeking reversal of Lagos okada ban

Court dismisses suit seeking reversal of Lagos okada ban


The Federal High Court sitting in Lagos State has dismissed a suit by a Lagos resident, Julius Ajibulu, seeking to reverse the Lagos State Government’s restriction of commercial motorcycles (okada) and tricycles (keke) on some of its roads.

Justice Akintayo Aluko in his 27-page judgment held that the applicant failed to establish that the Lagos State Government has no power to ban the operation of tricycles and motorcycles in respect of designated roads in the state.

On January 27, 2020, the Lagos State Government had moved against okada and keke, proscribing their operations in six local government areas (LGAs), nine local council development areas (LCDAs) and 10 major highways across the state with effect from February 1, 2020.

The government also banned okada and tricycles from plying 40 bridges and flyovers across the state.

The government directed security operatives to embark on a total enforcement of the state’s Transport Sector Reform Law of 2018 to immediately address the chaos and disorderliness created by the illegal operations of okada and tricycle riders in restricted areas.


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