Palestinian shooter kills seven in counter-attack against Israel

Palestinian shooter kills seven in counter-attack against Israel


No less than seven people were killed in a gunman attack near a synagogue in East Jerusalem on Friday night.

The attack, the deadliest non-war killing in the country in recent years, came a day after the Israeli Army murdered nine Palestinians in a raid in Jenin, West Bank area. 

Authorities confirmed that the killer, who was killed in a gun duel with the police, was acting alone. 

The Israeli Army has intensified its raid on Palestinian areas in the West Bank, an act that has led to the death of no less than 30 Palestinians since the year began.

Such raids also killed 150 Palestine and dozens of their unarmed children in 2022. 

The killing occurred in a Jewish area of the city, where police authorities say there have been recent escalations in Palestinian attacks on Jewish people.

The attacks might be regarded as acts of retribution against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. 

The Islamist organisation Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, applauded the Jerusalem shooting, saying it was in retaliation for the Israeli raid the day before…


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