Sanwo-Olu lokan: sobering reflections on Abimbola adelakun's essay- Yoruba ronu, yes ronu!


The need to hold leaders to rigorous account remains sacrosanct. The need to treat all residents with respect and dignity irrespective of ethnic origins remains sacrosanct. The need to respect the political preference of every resident, irrespective of tongue, tribe and faith remains sacrosanct. But none of these dearly held values justifies strident advocacy for the Yorubas to abandon deeply etched sensibilities around intra-ethnic cohesion for concerted political action…

Our national reality is a complex and bewildering maze of daunting dynamics and only the truly lion-hearted of visionaries, leader-warriors who come mysteriously possessed of obsessive commitment and focus, succeed somehow to tenaciously retain clarity of purpose…

Unkind and uncouth name callers may daily earn their dubious celebrity at the expense of indefatigable leaders like Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu, but such leaders triumph again and again because they find the fortitude to stay the course…

An important achievement of Abimbola Adelakun’s essay “Yoruba Ronu, Yes, Ronu! published last week is that it managed to send hordes of the uninitiated scurrying to search for the meaning of the word irredentism.

But that opinion piece is important in two other principal ways. There was the sumptuous feast served to the bustling crowd of Tinubu traducers as this peculiarly sharp-tongued sister sought to make mincemeat of Nigeria’s president elect. Then, there was also the gallant attempt to conscientize Yorubas resident in Lagos State against the toxicity of tribalism as they cast their votes for governor this Saturday. 


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