RifNote is an information aggregation entity that collects information from a wide range of sources such as the internet, diverse databases, specialized search engines and other sources. We do not simply present information or data as is, we use post aggregation analysis to synthesize value-added information. And best of all, we have real people behind our operations making sure that we make available to our audience the best, most relevant, most important information.

Rifnote.com is a news aggression website which pulls aggregated content from elsewhere, adds value to them by summarizing and or restating the content and providing a link to the source.  We find the most relevant information from the best sources and make them available to our audience

in an easy to comprehend manner.

Here is how our news aggregator service will work.

  1. We would scan the internet, such as websites or blogs, for new information; we then display this on our website.
  2. We also would use a News Aggregator or RSS reader (a synchronized subscription system) to gather content such as online newspapers, blogs, podcast in one location for easy viewing.
  3. We would from time to time cover stories special or exclusive to us.
  4. News would not be displayed automatically on our website straight from the aggregator.
  5. There will be human filters that will determine what news gets published.
  6. We would make attempt to recast headlines to fit out headline casting format..
  7. 50% of our web content shall be African/Nigerian news that Africans/Nigerians at home and in Diaspora care about.
  8. We would be the master of casting the best alternate headline.
  9. We would identify that story or concern that is uppermost in the public consciousness and then feed that storyline until we notice there is disinterest in that storyline.