TV-am legend Anne Diamond reveals she has breast cancer


TV-am legend Anne Diamond reveals she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and undergone a double mastectomy as she describes ‘a hell of a journey’

  • She got the diagnosis the same day she learned she was to be awarded an OBE

TV legend Anne Diamond yesterday revealed she has breast cancer and has undergone a double mastectomy.

The 68-year-old fought back tears as she confirmed she was battling the disease in an interview on GB News last night.

Speaking to Dan Wootton on the channel, she recalled how she was given the news by doctors on the same day she was awarded an OBE and said it had been ‘a hell of a journey’.

Anne, who works for GB News, has been off air for almost six months and is still undergoing ‘tough’ treatment for the illness, including radiotherapy.

Despite this she is set to return to work on Saturday to host Breakfast with Stephen Dixon. 

Speaking on Dan Wootton Tonight, Anne said it had been a ‘fight’ and after five months ‘I’m still not at the end of the journey, but I’m through it enough to come back to work’.

The morning TV legend, who rose to fame presenting TV-am from 1983 to 1990 and has been a regular panellist on The Wright Stuff and Jeremy Vine, was given the diagnosis the same day she was told she was getting an OBE.

Anne said: ‘It was a wonderful moment [being told about the OBE] and that was [at] 9.30 in the morning. 

‘But I knew then, because I’d already seen my GP, that I had to go to a breast cancer screening thing later in the morning. I thought I would just go for a mammogram, and a couple of tests and I’d be free in an hour.

‘I spent the entire morning at my local hospital where they did everything, biopsies, X-rays, CT scans, a couple of mammograms, everything, and by lunchtime I was still there. 

‘And a lovely lady came with…


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