I can’t stop sleeping with my girlfriend’s brother – I’m torn in two


I AM a woman who has always dated other women, but now I am having an affair – with my girlfriend’s  brother.

I’m 26, my girlfriend is 27 and we have been together for five years. 

My affair with her brother, who is 29, started a year ago after he moved to our city for a new job and we invited him to stay with us until he found somewhere else to live. 

I’d only met him a handful of times before but we’d always got along really well. I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of being attracted to him. 

Throughout my entire life, I had considered myself a lesbian.

But as my girlfriend works long hours, we started to spend a lot of time together and I found myself really enjoying his company.

We enjoyed the same sci-fi films and listened to similar bands.

Everything changed one night when we had a few drinks while my girlfriend was at work. I don’t know what came over me but, after a lot of flirting, we shared a kiss. 

It took me by complete surprise, but I couldn’t resist him and we ended up having mind-blowing sex. 

I should have told him that it had been a mistake, but I found myself secretly entranced by him.

After that, we found ourselves sneaking around together and having sex, as often as once a day. 

Now, a year later, he has moved out but I still see him regularly and I’m riddled with guilt



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