Nigeria’s biggest enemy is corruption, Senator Abbo tells Israel

Senator Elisha Abbo has told Israel that Nigeria has a long way to go to become a developed nation because corruption is endemic in the African country.

The senator stated this on Tuesday at the 75th independence anniversary of Israel in Abuja.

The event was organised by the Israeli embassy to commemorate the birth of the modern state of Israel and democracy since the official declaration by Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, on May 14, 1948.

Mr Abbo underscored the need to tackle corruption to achieve meaningful growth.

“You cannot compound the achievements of Israel in one day, in terms of agricultural revolution, weapons, security and many things. We have a lot to learn from Israel as a nation,” the Nigerian legislator explained. “What we as a nation must begin to do is to fight corruption.”

The senator added, “The biggest enemy Nigeria has today is corruption. If we have to rebuild our own country, Nigerians have to fight against corruption.”

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