Unmasking Corruption: Examining Nigeria’s 2023 Election Fallout

Nigeria transitioned to democracy in 1999, despite the persistence of insecurity, extreme poverty, and endemic corruption. Nevertheless, the country has conducted six national elections that have frequently been tainted by instances of fraud, technical complications, violence, and legal disputes.

On 25 February 2023, Nigerians again exercised their democratic rights by participating in the presidential elections, even as allegations of irregularities and fraudulent practices loomed over the process. The 2023 general elections were highly anticipated as a crucial milestone for the nation’s democratic process. However, despite initial hopes for transparency and fairness, the elections were marred by widespread allegations of corruption, including voter suppression, vote buying, manipulation of electoral rolls, compromised officials, and the lack of accountability.

The electoral process was tarnished by technical glitches and allegations of flaws, promising legal battles in…


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