‘Please tell me that’s not true’: Dems can’t believe Biden is ditching town amid debt talks, report claims

Welp, it looks like Democrats in Congress are starting to regret having a president who was praised by many and supported by none for nearly 50 years in the Oval Office.

According to a new report, multiple Congressional Democrats are in complete disbelief that President Joe Biden is going to ditch Washington, D.C., for Memorial Day Weekend — even as the U.S. is just days away from defaulting on its debt.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has been showing up to work every day this week with a pretty sharp message and explicit demands in order to draft a deal that would stave off a national debt default on June 1 — but after months of Biden saying that he won’t negotiate, his party is now starting to wonder what the end game-plan is here.

“It’s time to bring the president off the bench, or bring somebody off the bench,” one anonymous elected Democrat told POLITICO. “No one’s responding to anything. Kevin’s consistently on message. We have the Oval Office….


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