Family of three-year-old girl killed after being hit by a car are suing the driver


The family of a three-year-old girl who died after being hit by a car in Fife are suing the driver.

Robyn Knox was struck by a blue Nissan Micra in Townhill’s Main Street on 3 August 2020.

She died a short time later at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.

The driver was never prosecuted, but the family have now appointed a solicitor to pursue a civil action.

Innes Laing, partner at Digby Brown in Kirkcaldy, said: “I can confirm a legal action has now been raised in relation to the truly devastating loss of Robyn.

“No criminal action was taken against the driver however a lack of prosecution does not prevent people from seeking justice via the civil courts.

“The legal action is in the early stages so we cannot comment on specific details, but we are committed to ensuring Robyn’s family get the answers and recognition they deserve.”

At the time, parents Barry Knox and Danielle Falconer said their lives had been “shattered into a million pieces”.

In a joint statement released via Police Scotland, the couple described the keen dancer as “the best thing to happen to both of us”.

They added: “We will forever remember the loving, kind, gentle and caring wee soul that blessed our lives with the biggest heart of gold.

“She was super excited to be a big sister at the end of this year and we will make sure her baby twins know about her and speak about her every day.

“Her sassy attitude made her into the little diva she is, it provided her with so much personality and…


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