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  • Why Lagosians are boycotting the ongoing Local Council elections By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi

    Why Lagosians are boycotting the ongoing Local Council elections By Kunle Wizeman Ajayi

    Sahara Reporters Apparently, the ongoing Lagos State Local government Council Elections today July 24th is marred with apathy by voters to the extent that APC and government officials are being filmed on air begging citizens to come out to vote. Even in the highly politically conscious Agege and Lagos Mainland; people have refused to come […] More

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    Obi Cubana’s source of income, nobody’s business –Emeka Ike

    By Noah Banjo

    A week after the grand burial of the mum of nightclub owner and businessman, Obi Iyiegbu, aka Obi Cubana, actor, Emeka Ike, has said those criticising the lavish display of wealth at the weeklong event have no right to do so.

    In an interview with Saturday Beats, Ike said, “We all mind one another’s business in this country because people are always looking for the negative things. As he (Iyiegbu) is spending, it shouldn’t be anybody’s problem. He is simply having fun. And if it is a way of honouring his late mother, what stops him from calling his friends to come around and celebrate her life? Maybe, that’s his way of doing it. He has also said that he has helped many people and many of them would want to repay the favour.”

    Ike also disagreed with those who said that Nollywood painted most rich Igbo people as occultists. He said, “There are different ways people can show their affluence. Some might choose to ‘spray’ money and it could be a one-off thing. I don’t think I have heard Kanayo Kanayo spraying money anywhere before now.

    “We are not going to carpet all that because of someone spraying money at a function. Maybe Cubana had been nice to them and they decided to spray that amount of money. However, it is left for the government to decide whether to ban spraying of money or not.”

    The actor also maintained that Nollywood actors were not all about showing off. He said, “People can have whatever opinion they want about Nollywood. The industry is diverse and there are many people working in it. The fact that some actors sprayed money there does not mean we should carpet the whole Nollywood.

    Later this month, we (some actors) are going to commission a computer centre with over 20 computers, desks and accessories at…

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    Reuben Abati and his 30 shekels of silver

    Sahara Reporters By B.U. Nwosu In the end, this is sad, short history of Mr. Reuben Abati, a once-gifted journalist, who sold his birthright for a plate of porridge, and now wanders the wilderness like a lost soul, looking for a master that will throw him a fat, bloodstained, fresh, juicy bone! Mr. Reuben Abati […] More

  • Letter To All Nigerian Students –

    Letter to all Nigerian students

    Opinion Nigeria By Famuditi Gboyega Dear student, It has become a trend for newly graduated students to organise a special ceremony for the celebration of their academic achievements. So many activities are conducted to add glamour to these kinds of events. One of the recently adopted means of celebration is signing or writing inscriptions on […] More

  • Banditry: Just secure the nation

    Banditry: Just secure the nation

    This Day  COUNTERPOINT BY Femi Akintunde-Johnson Today, we arrive at the end of our series on the most challenging and painful boil on our national nose: banditry, terrorism, and sundry acts of criminality. We are serenaded every day by wanton acts of depraved self-seeking thugs whose main reason for dispensing horrors and terrors is simply […] More

  • Terrorists’ rising capacity and dizzying warfront stories

    Terrorists’ rising capacity and dizzying warfront stories

    This Day RingTrue BY yemi Adebowal Phone 08054699539 Email: The range of equipment with terrorists in the North requires a pragmatic response from the Nigerian state and not this charade from the Buhari government. This has always been my position. Unfortunately, this federal government is deliberately stalling for reasons so difficult to comprehend. The […] More

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    Nigeria and its burden of Ignorant youths

    By Vincent Akanmode Until he took it upon himself about seven months ago to lead the battle for the liberation of the inhabitants of Igangan and other communities in Ibarapa North Local Government Area, Oyo State from the alleged stranglehold of some Fulani settlers and herdsmen, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, was largely […] More

  • Buhari’s ambition and the global poverty challenges

    Buhari’s ambition and the global poverty challenges

    The Guardian By Dan Agbese President Muhammadu Buhari has tasked a group of experts to tell him how he can keep his promise to take 100 million out of poverty in ten years. I thought the president was doing quite well on that front. Using his secret formula, he has taken 15.5 million people out […] More

  • Journalists are bandits

    Journalists are bandits

    The Guardian By Tony Afejuku Journalists are bandits. There is no doubt about it. And if the journalists are Nigerians they, to all intents and purposes, cannot but be the worst bandits who belong to the very worst set and band of bandits anywhere. In fact, the average journalist in this country called Nigeria is […] More

  • Mr President, our youth are too high to go higher

    Mr President, our youth are too high to go higher

    Punch By Oladimeji Daniels Mr. President, let me distract you a bit from your party’s politics of 2023 to the most potent danger to Nigeria’s sanity. It is so disturbingly dangerous that whatever gains made in government or anywhere else in the country would eventually amount to nought if the current downward tumble is not […] More

  • The Yoruba have won their agitation

    The Yoruba have won their agitation

    By Fredrick Nwabufo The Yoruba are an exceptional people; precocious, tactful, urbane and temperate. They are about the most sophisticated of the ethnic groups in Nigeria. They know when to pounce, when to retreat, and when to negotiate. For the Yoruba, it is about the collective. It is always about the whole. Group interest does […] More

  • The arrest of Sunday Igboho

    The arrest of Sunday Igboho

    By Eddy Odivwri Twenty days after his Ibadan home was raided by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS), Mr Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Sunday Igboho, was arrested in Cotonou, Benin Republic last Sunday, as he was about fleeing to Germany along with his wife. He was de-boarded from the Germany-bound plane. He […] More

  • Bandits don’t shoot down airplanes



    Bandits don’t shoot down airplanes

    By Abimbola Adelakun After reading the narration of the experience of Nigeria Air Force officer, Flight Lieutenant Abayomi Dairo, who survived an air attack in Zamfara State, do apologists like Sheik Ahmad Gumi, Kaduna State governor, Nasir el-Rufai, and their southern minion, Joe Igbokwe, still believe that the bandits are merely doing business? For a […] More

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    Did scientists stifle the lab-leak theory?

    Unherd By Ian Birrel In September 2019, even as a new respiratory virus may have started circulating in a central Chinese city, some prominent figures issued a wake up call to the world about the risks of a pandemic. The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, a group of 15 politicians and scientists brought together by the […] More

  • E-Transmission of results and Senators’ unclean hands

    E-Transmission of results and Senators’ unclean hands

    This Day Justice for the ‘Queen’s College 3’ Before I go into the word for today, I would like to make a brief observation – we have definitely not forgotten – it’s been about four years since my fellow QC (Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos) Girls, Praise Sodipo, Vivian Osuniyi and Bithia Itulua, lost their lives […] More

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