What we will remember Buhari for, Nigerians speak


President Muhammadu Buhari’s eight-year tenure comes to an end on Monday. HAKEEM GBADAMOSI, UDEME UTIP, BUNMI ISHOLA, JUSTICE NWAFOR and SEYE ALABA went to town to sample the impressions of Nigerians from across the country on the performance of the outgoing Buhari-led administration.

LEKE Akinpelu: I am not a fan of Buhari, but despite his many perceived failures and evident ones, his administration has done better in terms of infrastructure development, the continuation of some projects from his predecessor, and so on.

Oluwamuyemi Orimolade: Introducing the rail method of transportation (Lagos- Abeokuta -Ibadan) for me remains one of the positives of his unpopular tenure.

Ajose Henkel: The revamp of the railway sector, the devolution of more power to the states, and the construction of some major roads – 2nd Niger Bridge, the Lagos -Ibadan expressway, are some of the things Buhari did in eight years that I remember for good.

Oke Lawal Morountodun: Through Buhari’s administration, people were able to diversify and learn many skills and understand the concept of individualism. Without Bihari’s help, we wouldn’t have had a hightened sense of independence and responsibility.

Adedeji Oluwakorede: In Buhari’s regime, a lot of infrastructural facilities were upgraded. There was increase in agricultural innovation, technological developments, and if we really think about it, we’ve seen worse. So I hope Nigeria grows and develops into a better country for us all

Mariam Kikelomo: I will remember him for his bringing cashless policy that killed people and businesses and for the debt he plunged the country into.

Musliudeen Fawaz Akande: His investment in infrastructure and trying his best despite many challenges the world faced.

Aderonmu Ridwan: Muhammadu Buhari leaves a legacy of kidnapping, inflation and debt.

Victor Nsikan: I will remember the president for poor roads and lack of sincerity.

Okeke Nzube: For me, I put the security of lives and property as the top priority,  and Buhari failed in this area. Health and education, he also scored zero. Corruption fight, blatant failure. He wasted precious eight years for Nigerians; wasted lives. The failure list is endless.

Adeola Otemade: It is his corruption-led administration and the hardship Nigerians faced.

Queen Igwe: It is for the increase in the cost of goods; a bag of rice that was sold at the rate of N8,000 before he became president is now sold at N35,000 minimum.

Chukwuemeka Njoku: The more I try to talk about him the more heartbroken I get. We’ve been through a lot in the past eight years. More than 6,000 Nigerians were killed unjustly and he was not concerned. Are we to talk about the prices of goods and services? Almost everything you know has at least increased by 400%. Businesses closed down. We really suffered under this man.


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