Cancer is 'man made disease', study claims after it was found in ancient mummy


One of the world’s most deadly diseases is man made, a study has claimed.

Cancer kills, on average, around 134,000 people in the UK every year.

And while it is widely known that humans already have the cells in their bodies from birth in some form, it is not know how to completely cure all cancers, as well as what causes someone to get the deadly disease.

However, a study led by Manchester University’s Centre for Biomedical Epgytology has claimed that it is actually humans that cause cancer.

The breakthrough discovery came about after a case of cancer was found in an ancient Egyptian mummy, dating back 1,800 years ago.

It is thought that it was rectal cancer.

The report was released in 2010, but has come back to the public forefront after conversations surrounding cancer care in the UK have increased.


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