UK and Nigeria discuss migration, justice, and more

UK and Nigeria discuss migration, justice, and more

Senior officials from the United Kingdom, UK, held a crucial meeting with a delegation from Nigeria to discuss migration, justice, home affairs, and other important issues between the two countries.

The meeting which was held in London on Tuesday also reaffirmed the strong collaboration between Nigeria and the UK, underlining commitments across a range of priority areas of mutual interest.

Both Nigeria and the UK also discussed the insecurity pervading the former, as well as appreciating the support of the latter in ending the challenges as soon as possible.

The communique of the dialogue which was signed by Director, UK Home Office, Asim Hafeez, and Nigeria’s Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Akinremi Bolaji, was issued by the UK on Friday.

The communique read, “Senior officials from the United Kingdom Home Office welcomed a delegation from the Federal Republic of Nigeria to co-chair the annual Migration, Justice, and Home Affairs dialogue on 19 March 2024 in London. The discussions reaffirmed the strong relationship between Nigeria and the UK, with commitments made across a range of priority areas of mutual interest.

“The commendable collaboration between the 2 nations on migration and countering criminality in all its forms was acknowledged. In this spirit of collaboration, there was agreement to raise awareness within each country of our respective internal systems and cultures.

“Regarding serious and organised crime, Nigeria and the UK expressed mutual appreciation for ongoing efforts to prevent vulnerable young people from being engaged in criminality, intercepting and disrupting organised crime groups trafficking people and illicit commodities, as well as new opportunities to work together to combat online fraud.


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