Arrested Lagos gays confess to kidnapping, extorting, and raping male victims

Arrested Lagos gays confess to kidnapping, extorting, and raping male victims

These are indeed evil days and strange things are happening. At the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja, eleven suspected criminals who were arrested in the highbrow Lekki area of the state have confessed that they belonged to a vicious gang of homosexuals that kidnap, extort and rape their male victims.

Shockingly, they disclosed that their victims were only healthy-looking males and that they never had anything to do with females during their operations.


All the suspects narrated how they joined the gang and how they carried out their atrocities which usually ended with video recordings of their sexual orgies with which they extorted various sums of money from their male victims. One of the suspects who is a practicing lawyer and the oldest member of the gang however tried to cleverly exonerate himself from their devilish acts by saying he was “a bisexual male with feelings for both genders.”

Narrating details of their exploits to Lagos State Commissioner of Police Special Squad led by CSP Kehinde Oni, all the suspects said that they engaged either their fellow gays or unsuspecting victims in any of their apartments situated in the highbrow Lekki, Ajah and Badore axis of the city through a gay app or advertisements acting as estate agents.

According to one of the suspects, Esama Joel, 28, who is a POS operator at Jakande Estate Lekki, “I am from Edo state, I dropped out from Secondary School and came to Lagos where I started working as a Chef in a hotel. I was supplying liquid soap to hotels, and I was also the owner of the POS which the gang used to extort various sums of money from our victims. It was one Edet that introduced me to gay. What we usually do is to lure our victims to any of our rented apartments, and as soon as he entered the room, two of us would force him to have sex with us through the anus. While we were on it, other members would appear in the same room and start recording our sex orgies on video.

Sometimes, all of us would satisfy ourselves with one victim or just a few of us. But as soon as we finished satisfying ourselves, we would show the victim the video recording and threaten to post it on social media. This usually made them afraid and cry out, begging that we should state our terms. At that stage, we would request his financial details, and if he claimed he had no money, we would insist on calling either his parents or friends. This had always paid off hugely because we always ended up collecting all they had including valuables like gold, costly phones, etc. After that, we usually abandoned them in the apartment and would relocate to another place.”

Another suspect, Fuad Abioye, 23, a Muslim from Kwara state who also lives at Lekki, said he dropped out of Secondary School and started repairing air conditioners. He said, “We are three in our family, and I am the firstborn. My father is a graphic designer while my mother is a trader. I am not married. Edet introduced me to the gay gang. I have been with them for over six months. I have succeeded in luring two victims to the gang, and we collected money from them after raping them through the anus. I have been giving some of the money I made to my father to complete his house while I used the rest to pay my rent and furnish my house.”


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