LSU’s Angel Reese Pulls Back on Boycott Threat, Will Visit Biden White House

LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese is reversing course on her earlier hints that she and the Tigers would boycott any offered visit to Joe Biden’s White House to celebrate their NCAA championship.

The dispute arose after first lady Jill Biden made the absurd offer of inviting both the winners and the runners-up to the White House in the wake of Angel Reese’s taunting controversy. It was an offer that Reese immediately called “a joke.”

Regardless, Biden’s press team quickly walked back her offer to host both teams at the White House.

In a subsequent interview, though, Reese went even further and said that she and the Tigers may not visit the Biden White House at all and might instead “visit the Obamas.”

Despite the player’s mouthing off about any possible visit, the LSU athletic dept. said that if there were an offer to visit Washington, the team would most certainly accept that invitation.

Finally, Reese is also walking back her stiff-necked threats of…


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