Biden ditches trip abroad to tackle woes at home

The US president had to call off his trip to Australia for a major security summit because of debt-ceiling negotiations in DC

A summit of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD) slated for May 24 in Australia’s capital Sydney will not take place, the country’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on Wednesday. The White House stated that President Joe Biden would not be traveling to Australia because of the need to address political gridlock at home over his country’s creaking debt ceiling.

Biden’s planned visit to the south-western Pacific, which was to also incorporate a historic stop in Papua New Guinea, had long been anticipated and would have included an address to the Australian parliament.

Speaking to ABC Radio Sydney on Wednesday, Albanese said that his “phone started going at about 4.30am our time,” with the US president notifying him of the latest change in plans.

The premier confirmed that the “QUAD leaders’ meeting…


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