Bill to establish Nigerian solid minerals communities devt scales second reading

The House of Representatives yesterday passed for second reading the bill for an Act to establish the Nigerian Solid Minerals Communities Development Commission  (NSMCDC).

The bill which seeks to provide a legal framework to establish the commission to complement what was achieved with the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA) was sponsored by Anamero Dekeri, Abubakar Nalaraba, Akarachi Amadi and  Adedeji Olajide scaled through second reading at plenary.

Dekeri while presenting the bill said solid minerals were the bedrock of Nigeria’s economic strength in the years before independence.

He said: “These riches were not simply hoarded; they were wisely invested. The roads we travel on, the schools our children attend, the hospitals that care for the sick – all these were built on the foundation of solid minerals.

“Even the oil industry, the lifeblood of our modern economy, received its initial spark from these resources.

“We must awaken this sleeping giant, unlock the potential of our solid minerals once more, and write a new chapter of prosperity for all Nigerians, as every component state of our nation is a potential solid mineral-producing state.

“These minerals are not just buried treasures; they are the launchpad that will propel all of Nigeria forward.

“The establishment of the commission will diversify, boost income for virtually all states of the federation, promote inclusiveness, increase our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the benefit of Nigerians”



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