Soaring food inflation and rural violence fuel Nigeria’s growing child malnutrition crisis

Nigeria is currently facing a devastating child malnutrition crisis, exacerbated by a deadly combination of rural violence, soaring food inflation, and pre-existing poverty. According to recent reports, an unprecedented number of children, particularly in northern Nigeria, are suffering from acute malnutrition.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has stated that Nigeria has the “largest number of food insecure people globally” at 31.8 million. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has also reported sharp rises in admissions for malnutrition in their facilities across the region.

Furthermore, a new UNICEF report reveals that approximately 11 million children under five in Nigeria are experiencing severe child food poverty. This alarming statistic means that one in every three children under five years of age are at a 50% greater risk of experiencing wasting, a life-threatening form of malnutrition.

Africa, as a whole, is one of the most affected continents, with conflict, climate crises, and rising food prices contributing to the severe food poverty experienced by 181 million children under five globally. Nigeria ranks among the 20 countries that account for almost two-thirds of this staggering number.



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