Entitled critics can’t diminish Lagos’ progress as a world-class city – by Reno Omokri

Of the nine notorious kidnappers who have been killing and wreaking havoc in Lagos for months and were neutralised by the Lagos Police Command in a shoot-out a few days ago, how many were from Lagos? How many were even from the Southwest? And later, some ingrate will come out and say,  “Invest in Lagos at your own peril”. No! The peril is not in Lagos. It was brought to Lagos. And by the grace of God, Lagos will get rid of those perils that are working against its determination to be a world-class city and the pride of Nigeria. In Yeshua’s Name.

Where else in Africa can you find a metropolis that will accept your children into its public schools without first checking whether or not you pay state and local government taxes? Where else will you benefit from state-subsidized railway services that crisscross the state like the red and blue lines do? You can leave your village anywhere in Nigeria and go to Ikeja General Hospital, where you will see a doctor, courtesy of the Lagos State Government and the late Mobolaji Bank Anthony irrespective of your never having paid even one kobo of taxes in Lagos.

Not only has Lagos been paying above minimum wage to its civil servants, but the State Government does not discriminate in its hiring policy, unlike a certain state that recently advertised for jobs and asked non-indigenes not to apply. Please Google the state. I will never go there to play Ludo. Especially on a Monday. Even if I am a Hero.

Lagos has Hausa, Igbo, Ijaw, Efik, Tiv and other civil servants in Lagos. As we speak, there are free soup kitchens in every local government of Lagos serving free food to whoever walks in, whether or not they are from Lagos.

And then, after doing this, one entitled troll, who cannot live in their state because of insecurity, now uses the platform God gave them to ungratefully de-market the state that had done more than their own birthplace for them.

Truly, it is the destiny of the destiny helper of an ungrateful venomous snake to die from poison!


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