Lagos, Nigeria leads in report on top 10 cities with low quality of life globally

Lagos, Nigeria leads in report on top 10 cities with low quality of life globally


Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling economic hub, ranks among the 178 cities globally with the lowest quality of life, according to the Numbeo Quality of Life Index.

This index comprehensively measures factors like purchasing power, pollution levels, housing affordability, cost of living, safety, healthcare, commute times, and climate conditions to assess overall well-being.

Lagos scores just 45.3 on this index, reflecting significant challenges. High poverty and income inequality contribute to disparities in access to basic amenities and economic opportunities, particularly in informal settlements lacking adequate infrastructure.

Infrastructure deficiencies exacerbate these issues, with rapid urbanization straining transportation networks, leading to severe traffic congestion and long commute times.

Insufficient investment in road maintenance and public transport further hampers mobility and economic productivity.

Environmental concerns include high air and water pollution due to industrial activities and poor waste management.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Lagos ranks as the second-worst city to live in out of 172 cities worldwide. This ranking considers factors like living conditions, safety, infrastructure, and access to basic services.

Despite these challenges, Lagos thrives culturally and economically, known for its vibrant arts, music scene, and entrepreneurial spirit, fostering resilience and community amidst adversity.

Here are the top 10 cities with the lowest quality of life in the world mid-2024

  1. Lagos, Nigeria – quality of life index 45.3
  2. Tehran, Iran – quality of life index 45.3 54.5
  3. Manila, Philippines – quality of life index 55.1
  4. Dhaka, Bangladesh – quality of life index 62.4
  5. Colombo, Sri Lanka – quality of life index 68.0
  6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – quality of life index 71.5
  7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam- quality of life index 72.5
  8. Beirut, Lebanon- quality of life index 73.3
  9. Cairo, Egypt – quality of life index 75.9
  10. Kathmandu, Nepal- quality of life index 77.3



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